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Andalos Developments is a Sydney-based residential development and construction company specialising in building townhouses, luxury homes and multi-unit apartments in Sydney, NSW. The company targets first home buyers, individuals and families, and property investors.

Andalos Developments started in 2013 in response to the high demand for residential properties in Sydney. To date Andalos Developments has delivered over 18 developments ranging from duplexes to townhouses and multi-units. 

The business has an established business infrastructure, a capable project delivery team and strong relationships with many reliable suppliers, subcontractors and consultants.

Andalos’ main goal is to further grow the business maintaining the position of a strong, competitive property development and construction company delivering sought-after residential properties in Sydney.



Ahmed in charge of the overall management of the company. His other key responsibilities include: setting business direction, planning policy and establishing standards and objectives for the business; business development: creating opportunities, sourcing new contracts, establishing partnerships, developing and implementing marketing strategy; new project selection and feasibilities studies; project statutory approvals and finance procurement; selecting, engaging and managing company employees, project consultants and contractors.


Tel: (02) 9707-4577 / 9708-3929

Email: admin@andalos.com.au

3/4 Brunker Road

Chullora NSW 2190

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